Pricing and Setup

We offer 2 levels of pricing, Freezer drop or Set Up-

Freezer Drop-      $369/ Block + $1/mile

Delivered to your freezer at our convenience.
Display Equipment, $50
Add color to any logo- $55 per block (Max $110 charge)
Tear down ($200-$600)
Set-Up-     $499/ Block + $1/mile

Delivered 1 hour prior to guests arriving.
Display Equipment, $50
Add color to any logo- $55 per block (Max $110 charge)
Tear down ($200-$600)
Holiday Fee ($50)

Cube Pricing Info

2″ Cube $0.55ea (No minimum for pick-up)

2″ Logo cube $1.25ea (3 case minimum for pick-up)

2.5″ Ice sphere $1.65ea (No minimum for pick-up)

For custom sizes contact

About Set Ups

Your sculpture will typically be setup about one hour prior to your guests arriving. You will need 2 feet x 2 feet of table space to accommodate most ice sculptures. The basic shape of the ice sculpture will last 5-7 hours at 70 degrees depending on the design. You will need to make certain that the following are at the hall; A table (clothed and skirted), and a bucket (for the drip pan to drain into).

Elegant Ice Creations a Green Cleveland Company.

  • At the end of the night when the party is over our sculptures will end up watering trees, vegetable gardens or flower beds as opposed to filling up dumpsters then landfills.
  • We use plastic drip pans that are made from recycled material.
  • Our plastic drip trays, lights and foam can be reuse or recycle after being used.
  • Our plant is heated by our freezer condensers only.
  • We recycle remaining ice from ice sculpture production to chill the water for the next batch of ice blocks, an energy savings of 25% per block.
  • Elegant Ice Creations creates very little waste materials other than organic earth-healthy waste; minimal plastic is used in the making of ice blocks which is reused several times for packing materials.
  • We use only natural ingredients, we do not use chemicals of any kind in the process of creating these amazing sculptures.