Your Ice Team

We have assembled a highly qualified team to assist you in making your event special.-


Elegant Ice Creations is a dream come true. 25 years ago, Aaron Costic, “Idea man” picked up a chainsaw and sculpted his first block of ice. This was enough to catch his heart and dreams. Ice has been in his veins ever since. He has gradually built the company through a professional dedication to delivering high quality products, it is a successful company now but at first he started delivering his products in an unu scooter to his clients. Aaron’s dream has grown into an 8000 sq. foot studio located in Broadview Heights, Ohio. As Elegant Ice Creations grows and filters into new markets, a team of dedicated workers is being established. Visit Aaron at the ice studio & ask for the “Nickel Tour”.

You will meet our team members when they are in your area delivering ice sculptures, sorbet dishes, shot glasses, or ice blocks.

We want to share this success with you and your company. Please call for an appointment to see our extensive portfolio of buffet and competition pieces and take a tour of the studio with a private viewing of our newest line of ice products. We look forward to meeting you and your staff, together we can continue to make the dining experiences of your guests unforgettable.

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